Food Service

Food Service Goal

The BISD Food Service department, in conjunction with the district and community, will contribute to the education process by providing nutritious, low-cost, quality meals to students while providing excellent customer service.



Looking for a few good food service workers!

Enjoy a nice, clean, fun workplace.

Be off when your children are off! Hours vary from 3-7 hours.

Uniforms provided for full time employees.

Training provided.

Free meals during work hours.

Start out as a substitute with potential for full time placement as positions become available.

Great TRS retirement!
Questions and Answers
1)  Q How can I put money on my child's account?
Pre-paying for breakfast, lunch and a la carte items is effcient, safe and easy. You may pay by check or cash in the cafeteria. If paying in the cafeteria, it is best if your child brings the money to the cafeteria prior to the first lunch service. If paying by check, please include the student's name and account number in the memo field of the check. If paying by cash, it is best when sent in a sealed envelope with the same information written on the envelope. We stroungly recommend using a check so it can be tracked if lost or stolen.
2)  Q What is my child's account number and will it remain the same every year?
Students will have the same account number every year which is their six digit student ID number, In grades 9-12 students will use ID.
3)  Q Can I get a print out of what my student has eaten and how can I limit a la carte purchases daily?
The computer system used to track meals can print what your child has eaten and deposited from the first day of school. A la carte purchases can be limited to a dollar amount or restricted altogether if needed. Please contact your school cafeteria manager to get further information.
4)  Q What happens to my child's money at the end of the school year?
If your child has money in their account at the end of the school year, it will be there when the new year starts even if the child attends another campus.
5)  Q I am moving out of the district and my child has money in their account, how can I get a refund?
If your child has a balance less than $10.00, the cafeteria manager will be able to refund the money to the parent. If the balance is more than $10.00, the parent will be mailed a check from the district for the amount.
6)  Q Why are visitors, staff and faculty required to pay more for meals than the students?
According to the Child Nutrition Regulations written by the Federal Government, Teachers, Administrators, staff and other Adults must pay enough for the meal to cover the overall cost of the meal including the value of any USDA donated foods used to prepare the meal.
7)  Q Is there an alternate beverage provided if my child is allergic to milk?
If a child is allergic to milk, fruit juice can be substituted, provided parents have submitted a "statement from a recognized medial authority." The medical authority can be a doctor, nurse, or a physician's assistant.
8)  Q How do I apply for free or reduced meals?
You can contact the Food Service office at 979 865-7017 and ask to receive an application by mail, or come by the Food Service office located at 518 S. Mathews in Bellville.
9)  Q Are the school meals high in fast, sodium and calories?
The Bellville ISD Food Service department plans meals according to the USDA guidelines to provide 1/3 of the student's recommended dietary allowances and contain no more than 30 percent calories from fat and no more than 10 percent calories from saturated fat averaged over a week. A computer program analyzes all the menus.

Food items provided such as chicken nuggets, pizza and hamburgers are specified to contain limited amounts of fat and sodium. The nutrient content is different than those sold in local fast food restaurants and these products are specially made for school nutrition programs.
10)  Q What exactly are the regulations that the Nutrition Department follows for school meals?
The Texas Nutrition Policy that was created by the Texas Department of Agriculture can be downloaded and viewed at Click on the Texas Publish School Nutrition Policy. BISD has made many changes to be in compliance with this new policy already.
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