How to Help Your Child in School

What Parents can do to Better the Communication with the School


  • Give your child 's teacher your contact information and schedule.
  • Inform your child's teacher of any issues at home that may affect your child's learning.
  • Read all correspondence from the school.
  • Support teachers. Avoid making disparaging comments about your child's teachers.
  • Attend Open House, School events and board meetings.
  • Visit our school's website often and email your child's teacher with any concerns or questions.
  • When your child misses school inform the school office and make arrangements for make up work.
  • Become aware of the schools rules and procedures and keep track of your child's homework so that you know what is expected of your child.
  • Read your child's report card, if there is anything that you do not understand please contact the school or your child's teacher.