What does a school counselor do?

Individual Counseling: School based counseling addresses issues that affect the child in school, is problem solving in nature, and short term. The school counselor is not a therapist, does not make diagnoses, and does not provide therapy. Individual Counseling in the elementary school is short-term.  If the student is in need of additional mental health services/professional counseling, referrals can be made.  I can provide a list of local professional therapists upon request. Individual counseling can begin at any time during the year.
Classroom Guidance lessons: Lessons will focus on social skills, conflict resolution, manners, problem solving, and self-esteem.  Lessons occur throughout the year in the classroom for approximately 30 minutes.  Character Strong is a program we use with different character traits each month.  Check out the Purposeful People page to find more information.  Additional lessons can be taught if there is a need per teacher request. If you do not want your child to participate, please notify me in writing as soon as possible.

Small Counseling Groups: I will offer groups on a variety of topics including social skills, friendship, study skills and anger.  All groups are formed on the needs of the students.  Any staff or parent can refer a student they feel could benefit from small group counseling.  All requests MUST BE submitted in written form.